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ZAO"Imperia Freight" is an independent operators of petroleum barges and tankers in the Russia Federation. The company provides chemical parcel transportation and bulk petroleum transportation.Imperia Freight's tank vessels include ships, articulated tug and barge units, and conventional tug and barges. Ships and articulated barges range in size from 10,000 DWT to 500,000 DWT.

ZAO"Imperia Freight" provides comprehensive crude storage and transportation for remote exploration and production locations:

* Remote terminaling oversight, metering, decanting, HSE assurance
* Shallow draft oil transportation barges
* Vessel lightering
* Conversion, mobilization, installation, and operation of shallow draft FSOs
* Documentation, permitting, endorsements
* Specialized Cargo Transport

We understand how important it is to you on time and in time to receive your goods, so complex support allows our company to meet the needs of most demanding customers.