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About Company

ZAO"Imperia Freight" is a rapidly developing shipping company based in Novorossysk on the White Sea. The company was founded on July 2, 2000 as a staff-owned private enterprise. Since that time ZAO"Imperia Freight" has been very active in the transportation sector, providing such services as:

* Worldwide chartering (mainly export cargo consisting of petroleum products and steel from Novorossysk to Continental and North American ports)

* Forwarding (railway, container, heavy lift and project cargo) and door-to-door logistics throughout Russia and internationally

* Customs clearance assistance in Novorossysk and Murmansk

* Import/export of all kinds of cargoes in and out of Russia

* Ship agency in all White Sea ports (Novorossysk, Severodvinsk, Mezen, Onega and Naryan-Mar) and Murmansk, for dry cargo
and oil tanker

* Cargo condition and draft surveying

* Cruise-ship shore tour operations in Novorossysk and the Solovetsky Islands.

Please contact us to develop optimal door-to-door cost- and time-effective logistics via the port of Novorossysk, import or export.

ZAO"Imperia Freight" focuses on its customers’ needs, and adheres to high ethical standards. We are committed to growth and the continual improvement of our company through the excellence of our people.