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Insurance Policy
Within the transportation of the products we offer the following cargo insurance policies:
* railway transportation cargo insurance;
* road transportation cargo insurance;
* Marine transportation cargo insurance.

Why cargo insurance needed?

Importers and exporters are exposed to countless financial risks when they do not insure their international shipments. Sometimes recovering losses from carriers is difficult and time consuming. The best way to protect your financial interest is with All Risks insurance coverage. All Risks insurance relieves of financial exposure from physical loss or damage to goods while in transit, since carriers have limited liability. Insure your goods and avoid the uncertainty of loss recovery from carriers.

Vessel Owners Limited Liability
The Hague Rules and COGSA (Carriage of Goods by Sea Act) was developed to protect vessel owners against legal liability to shippers for circumstances out of owners control. COGSA limits vessel owners liabilities to USD 500 per shipping unit. It also relieves all their liability to shippers in 17 situations known as the Hague/COGSA Defenses. This means shippers have no legal recourse against vessel owners when their goods are lost or damaged by these 17 causes.

All Risks Insurance vs. Declared Value
All Risks insurance protects the shipper against physical loss or damage to their cargo from external causes, subject to policy terms and conditions. It is not necessary to prove the carriers liability. 

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