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Transportation Department

International cargo
Transport Company ZAO"Imperia freight", welcome and as well offers services for the organization of international multimodal transport cargo for export and import.

We as well carry out work on the delivery of cargo (import/export) marine, railway, road transport models in 20, 40-feet containers, Open Top, Flat Rack, tank-containers of various cargoes, including: hazardous, non-hazardous, oversize; loose (bulk); Balcova load; liquid, etc.
We render services such as:
1. Terminal handling (customs clearance);
2. Loading and unloading operations;
3. Crude storage;
5. Weigh;
6. Cargo insurance etc.

We carry container traffic from:
* The Netherslands * UK * Spain * India * Istanbul * USA * Korea * Italy * Israel * Vietnam * China * France * Iran * Japan * Germany * Norway and other countries

Delivery of goods is carried from (to) Russia to abroad in such ports cities as: Saint Petersburg, Novorossisysk, Astrakhan, Vladivostok and Nakhodka.

We also organize international intermodal freight using different modes of transportation system in all directions, including to (from): Europe, Southeast Asia, The Far East (Vietnam, China, South Korea, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, and India etc.), Canada, USA and the countries of Central and South American countries, Africa and Middle East.

Working on the principal of "from door to door delivery", we are also ready to arrange shipment of your goods from other cities in China and their subsequent shipment from the nearest port to your warehouse.
Reception, processing and transshipment cargo in multimodal transport is carried out as follows:
In the Russian ports 
(Saint-Petersburg, Novorossiysk, Vladivostok and others);

In the ports of Europe and the Baltics 
(Kotka, Hamina, Hamburg, Antwerp, Rotterdam, Tallin, Riga and others);

In Ukrainian ports;
Follow-up at delivery multimodal transport of goods to the customer"s door, by rail, sea, land and air.

Actual areas of international shipping
International cargo of cement in Russia from China, India, Turkey, Spain, Germany and other countries by sea , ships with a displacement of 3; 5; 10; 12,3 ton through the ports of Yeysk, Taganrog, Novorossiysk, St. Petersburg.

The fleet of ZAO"Imperia freight" consists of double hull vessels and has an average age of 5 years. Vessel sizes range from 10, 000 DWT vessels to 500,000 DWT shallow drafted VLCCs.

ZAO"Imperia freight" ensures secure and cost efficient freight for all of group"s cargoes worldwide. Our shipping staffs work closely with the trading department by securing the appropriate tonnage in order to meet trading requirements. During 2008 the total tonnage shipped was over 60 million metric tonnes of oil and oil products, predominantly for our company, but also for other major market participants.

We pride ourselves on providing a rapid and flexible service coupled with the very high standards you would expect from such a well-established, national organization. Whatever your fuel and lubricant requirements, from a single vehicle to national transport operator, we know we can satisfy them safely from our national network of local depots.

As an environmentally aware company we are committed to delivering products that are continually developed to reduce harmful effects on the environment.The latest ultra low sulphur diesel products are almost sulphur free, virtually odourless and can reduce some of the most harmful particulate emissions by as much as 85%.

Other products specifically available to road transport operators include: Fuel Cards, Lubricants,Gas Oil and Fuel Storage Tanks 

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